5 reasons to leave the corporate rat race and join a scale-up

Scale-Ups’s are taking over, as workers are looking for more diverse, challenging and engaging work environments, where they have a real input. The corporate rat race is fast becoming a hard sell for the new generation looking to move into dynamic young companies making a difference. Still need that little extra push to look for more engaging and diverse opportunities? Well here are the best reasons we think looking to Scale-Up’s is a great place to start. 


You have a real chance to make a difference.

Most start ups and scale ups exist to answer a question or solve a problem.  They succeed through innovation and imagination, creativity and tenacity, and in the end, they get to make a very real difference to society.  Look at Uber, – admittedly no longer a scale up, but still a good example – and the drastic upheaval they have wrought through the transport industry.  Or, closer to home, Felyx and the changes they are making to mobility throughout Amsterdam and Rotterdam to reduce noise and emissions from transport. Being apart of a scale up business gives you a very real chance to make a difference in the world we live in, and to create something new and amazing.


You can actually have a say in what happens in the business

By necessity, these businesses are small, and everyone in them has to wear many different hats on a daily business.  The data scientist might find themselves packing christmas cards for key clients, the founder might spend a day with the intern testing the product or service with consumers.  These businesses succeed or fail based on their teams, and their ability to roll up their sleeves, change their hat, and get a job done. But at the same time, this means that everyone has a very real opportunity to help define and direct the business.  You have an active say in how the business should operate, what it should do, and where improvements could me made. You’re no longer just a number in the corporate machine, but instead your operating it, and helping to drive it forwards!


Innovation is part of your job description

Scale ups move fast, much faster than their corporate counterparts, and rapid testing and implementation of innovative ideas is a  key part of this world. Basically, it’s an unspoken rule in your JD that you will innovate. Yes, you’ll help with the overarching innovative idea of the business, but you’ll also be doing it internally.  You’ll be fixing and improving internal processes, redefining your job every few months, and constantly working to make innovation a BAU process within the business. If this is something you battle with on a day-to-day basis in your corporate cubicle, it’s probably time you begin to look for a change – scale ups love it!


You work in a family environment

It’s the people you work with.  Have you ever heard of Dunbar’s number?  It’s a theory that defines the maximum number of people the human mind / brain can realistically know and remember.  If you don’t know it, it’s 150 people.  Now, think of the size of your business.  If it’s a big corporate, how many of these people do you know intimately?   Now think of the size of a scale up. Most of them range from 10 to 30 people, all of whom you will interact with on a near daily basis.  The team is small and agile, and you can all get to know each other well, and over time a strong family-esque culture will begin to develop.  You’ll help each other at work and have beers together at the end of the week.  Ultimately you’ll become close friends with some of them because of the challenges you all face on a day-to-day basis, and the amount of time you spend together.  It sounds better doesn’t it? (That’s a rhetorical question by the way, of course it’s better!)


Every day is a lesson

Literally every day in a scale up, something will change or happen or develop that you weren’t expecting.  The business, by definition, operates in a state of flux and has to move fast and efficiently. As a result, you end up running around with your feet barely touching the ground as you attack new challenges and solve new problems.  It sounds chaotic – and honestly, it can be – but this is truly the best opportunity to grow and challenge yourself. You will have responsibility faster and greater than your corporate peers, you will grow and learn a whole range of skills that will massively endear you to future employers, and you will find the parts of business that truly excite and inspire you.  Then, as the business scales and grows, and the flux backs off a bit, you have become the person who KNOWS how to do a specific task. You can redefine your role and take on new tasks that fit the learnings you have gained in the business, and the passions you have developed. It’s a true opportunity to find and hit your stride.

So, if you think that maybe the scale up lifestyle is for you, then get in touch with one and we’ll see if we can find the right scale up for you.


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