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Vying for Vinted – Clothing Scale Up on the way up.

We’re pretty excited to be working with Vinted – a Scale Up that’s on its way to even greater things.

Hailing originally from Lithuania, vinted was born in 2008 when Milda – the founder – was moving house and needed somewhere to sell her clothes.

It’s since expanded pretty drastically, working its way across europe with head offices in Berlin, Prague, Vilnius and Warsaw, where they service 9 markets throughout the USA, France, Germany, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Spain and the Netherlands.

With such a reputable and well known brand, they attract some great talent and are great at showcasing them. You can head here to read a little about some of their team, and get a good indication about the type of culture and people Vinted attracts.

With a mission to increase the lifespan of clothes and help others find their rare and special pieces that can’t be found in stores, they attract talent with the best intentions and drive.

We’re currently helping them look for a variety of candidates, all with a similar drive and enthusiasm, really ready to take on their next challenge at a growing Scale Up with a solid market standing.

If you’re interested in joining this ambitious, international company take a look at our latest jobs here and get in touch with us to learn a little more.


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